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Seth's Profile


NAME: Seth
SEX: Male
AGE: Senior

Bau Bau!

Thanks for looking at me today. My name is Seth and I am a Dachshund/Lab mix. I only weigh 25 pounds and I am older guy. My owner loved me a lot and he took real good care of me while he was still alive. We lived together for a long time and after my owner died, I went into foster care with his family members. I was bounced around from home to home for about 8 months and then no one wanted me anymore. I was so very sad. I really missed my person so much and I did not feel like playing. I was grieving and no one cared, so my last foster home sent me to rescue. Here at rescue I feel loved again. I am so much better now. I love to go for walks and I love all the attention I have gotten since being here. I really want a new family and a new forever home where I can live out the rest of my life being loved. I am really a good dog. I am house-trained, crate-trained, and I walk well on the leash. I love my treats and belly rubs. I hope you can come out to CBSBR and meet me and maybe we can be friends because I really need a person to love.


Artists seem to love Dachshunds. All of the following famous artists owned a loving Dachshund.

  • Andy Warhol

  • Picasso

  • David Douglas Duncan

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